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An OCVT Trip Leader is much more than just a trip logistics planner and executor. He or she is an integral part of the OCVT community and strives to foster community both on and off the trail. Awesome trips are great, but without an OCVT sense of identity that results from being a part of something greater, we will simply be viewed as a guide service. Anyone with a passion for the outdoors can be an OCVT trip leader. If interested in becoming a trip leader, please contact the head trip leader at OCVT-TRIPLEADER@vt.edu. There is then an application process for becoming a trip leader. Once becoming a trip leader, one must lead at least 2 trips each semester in order to retain the position as well as attend monthly trip leader meetings. Trip leaders are also strongly encouraged to attend weekly OCVT meetings or socials, as this is where lasting OCVT community is built. Some benefits include an awesome exclusive T-shirt and a priority OCVT membership. There will also be trip leader-only trips. Again, if you want to become a trip leader, don't hesitate to let us know!