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Thursday, Mar 19, 2020 by OCVT Websystem


During this time of COVID-19, being outdoors in nature is a great way to get much-needed fresh air, exercise and promote mental health during this stressful time.

Many local, state and national parks are open but note that facilities, shelters and Visitor Centers are closed.

Outdoor spaces are a great alternative for social distancing in a natural environment. There are reports of popular trails being overwhelmed. If you arrive at a location (e.g. McAfee's Knob) and the parking lot is full this is a strong indication that it would be difficult to practice social distancing (e.g. passing others on the trail, overlooks, privies, etc.). There are many less "popular" hikes that are just as amazing as the well-known hikes. If you are looking for suggestions checkout OCVT's facebook page.

It is NOT recommended to carpool with others to a hike as this will erase any efforts at social distancing. 

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy has detailed information on the AT and COVID19. Before going on a hike please check this site. https://wildeast.appalachiantrail.org/explore/plan-and-prepare/hiking-basics/health/covid19/
Day hikes are encouraged. Overnight, section and thru-hikes on the AT are discouraged at this time. Go to the link above to better understand why.

OCVT will not be hosting trips for the remainder of the semester.

Sincerely, Christina McIntyre, OCVT Faculty advisor