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Wilderness First Aid course

Saturday, Mar 13, 2021 by Christina McIntyre

May 29, 30, 31 (Memorial Day weekend) 3-day Wilderness First Aid course

May 29, 30, 31 (Memorial Day weekend)

3-day Wilderness First Aid course

Cost: $220

Register: https://www.solowfa.com/register-SOLO-disaster-wilderness-first-aid-course-in-person.html#step2

This unique 3-day, 20-hour course offering makes MEDIC SOLO stand out from nearly all other wilderness medical schools. Participants gain actual care-giving competence and confidence to save life and limb anytime, anywhere professional help is not immediately available, including during (click any for more info):

It doesn't matter how one gets injured, nor where on the planet. All of the situations above boil down to:

  1. The First 5 Minutes: the way *you* handle the first 5 minutes of an emergency can make the difference between life and death. This means you, before the ambulance arrives even if 911 works and EMTs arrive in ~10 minutes.
  2. The Next Several Hours (or days!): the way *you* treat your patient can make the difference between full recovery, lifetime impairment, or even death.
    • It can take an ambulance hours to days to arrive if there's no cellphone service (or towers are downed or jammed-overwhelmed), if disaster scene safety or pathway obstructions are blocking vehicular access, if the victim is somewhere the ambulance can't drive right up to, or if you're in some part of the world that has no reliable emergency medical service.